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Reforestation is the Answer

Reforestation is one of the calls to action to mitigate the future impact of the winter season on the country. In this matter, the national government and the timber industry are in agreement, both seeking to increase the total reforested land area.

In regards to this, the Minister of Agriculture, Juan Camilo Restrepo, has offered the union of reforestation companies (Fedemaderas) the necessary tools to implement any such projects.

For example, the Ministry announced a few days ago, in an interview with EL TIEMPO, the strengthening of the National Corporation for Forestry Research and Development (CONIF) and the distribution of economic incentives (CIF) towards not only those directly involved in reforestation but also any parties participating in related agricultural activities of this kind.

In related news, it is expected that the issue of the Familiar Agricultural Unit (UAF) should be resolved by mid-year, particularly regarding the “altillanura” (the high plains), where businesses are limited to one company for every 900 hectares planted.

Other commitments to the forestry sector by the Ministry of Agriculture have been the strengthening of the forests, specifically in relation to plant protection issues regarding forestry policy, technology, and finance.

In addition, other commitments include work towards the legalization and titling of land property in various parts of the country, such as the Atlantic coast and the Altillanura, and the creation of a "single forestry window" to manage any and all paperwork related to this sector.

For the implementation of forestry production projects, the Ministry itself has raised the possibility of working the land recovered from the hands of groups operating outside the law, by means of joint venture agreements with the land owners, for whoever is not willing to work the land themselves.

Finally, the government will not only encourage commercial reforestation but also silvopasture (which involves livestock, forestry and grazing) as well as the so-called environmental reforestation.

The latter is to be made by the landowners in areas such as land boundaries, sources of water, areas susceptible to erosion, and even as ornamental activity in towns and cities.



“In Columbia there are 14 million hectares of protected forestry land; those areas dedicated to reforestation constitute a tremendously small remainder.”

Juan Camilo Restrepo
Minister of Agriculture