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What We Do

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Pachamama Forest is developing several different channels to protect local biodiversity to insure Colombia remains the second most biodiverse country on earth. It’s essential to relieve pressure on natural forests by providing sustainably sourced timber products to the global economy. With populations reaching 7 billion in 2011, demand has never been higher on building supplies.

We are currently working with local communities, forestry engineers, and local business people to develop a sustainable forest plantation with enough space to plant over 2.2 million trees.

We currently own 1820 hectares of productive land in Colombia, with over 50,000 trees already planted. With 1420 hectares of commercially viable land, the remaining 400 hectares set aside for regeneration and biodiversity conservation. We are now bringing this land and soil back up to peak health using natural techniques to provide the framework to grow thriving trees.

The remaining 400 hectares are set aside as regeneration and/or conservation land where we will assist regeneration and enter these land into SINAP (The Colombian system of natural parks)

2011-2020 United Nations Decade on Biodiversity