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Biodiversity is the delicate balance of life forms on Earth. According to Conservation International (an international non-governmental organization), contained within Colombia’s borders are two of the richest agricultural and most biodiverse regions on earth; the Tropical Andes and the Amazon Rainforest. These two regions contain a sixth of the plant life on earth in an area less than 1% of the earths’ landmass.

Our sustainable commercial hardwood plantations will relieve pressure on these globally significant ‘hotspots’ resulting in a reduction of habitat loss.

Loss of vital biodiversity resources, such as the world’s primary forests, is causing changes to climatic conditions that could result in irreversible damage to ecosystems and threaten how we all live our lives on Earth.

Approximately 50% of the mass of a tree is carbon, therefore our plantations and the protection of primary forests effectively ‘locks’ this carbon up in carbon ‘banks’. Losing such forests, and their habitats, will also result in the potential loss of disease-fighting research and medicines, which have been found previously in these types of environments for the benefit of all mankind. To succeed we must protect these areas through ethical commerce as State and NGO sponsored “hand-outs” cannot, on their own, drive a successful solution.

Below is an image of our other efforts to preserve, regenerate and utilise the land in a sustainable biodynamic manner :

2011-2020 United Nations Decade on Biodiversity