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All Pachamama projects are located in four different areas in the Meta department of Colombia right between the Andes and the Amazon rain forests

The maximum distance between the projects is 30 minutes by car, from Bogotá by car takes about 10 hours and approximately 4 hours to the nearest port at Puerto Gaitán.

Pachamama’s reasoning for the project sites to be located in the Meta department of Colombia is due to the ideal combination of degraded savannah and primary forest corridors allowing us to not only utilise the barren landscape but also to provide assisted regeneration on vital biological corridors. Pachamama is opposed to the destruction of any primary forest located within our sites. The degraded savannah offers a unique opportunity to regenerate lands classified as “wasteland” by the Colombian Government.

Regenerating lands between these corridors not only makes use of already cleared lands, but also brings the land back up to workable productive land while mitigating erosion.

Below is an image of the Meta department (contains all four sites) which depicts an accurate portrait of the difference between the biological corridors and the degraded savannah.

2011-2020 United Nations Decade on Biodiversity