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Until recently, much of the population of Colombia’s Meta department made their living rearing and selling cattle. Our projects provide people with the opportunity to switch to a more financially rewarding occupation and so improve their living standards.

As well as working on the construction of the plantation, once established each smaller Pachamama plantation site will provide employment for 15 local seasonal and three permanent workers. The larger Rubber Tree sites will require substantially larger numbers of both seasonal and permanent staff due to the daily rubber extraction from the trees. This process continues for 25-30 years providing stable lasting employment

As part of our efforts to improve surrounding communities, Pachamama offers permanent staff year round housing for staff and their families, fostering not only a sense of community, but the added bonus of security to each site.

Pachamama is committed to improving the standards of living surrounding the plantation and with that plant 1.5 acres of Acacia Mangium annually in the surrounding schools name. All management costs are covered by Pachamama and all proceeds go to directly fund further education for the students.

2011-2020 United Nations Decade on Biodiversity